Indian Summer Blooms

Indian Summer Blooms

In response to your blogger’s request for photos of Chester garden scenes, we are pleased to post the following, recently received. Sylvia McNeill and Herb Fraser, both members of the Chester Garden Club, shot their pictures in September. Although the summer was beginning to wind down, there were still lots of plants in bloom.

It appears that day lilies are becoming something of a speciality for members of the club as more varieties are made available through Nova Scotia nurseries.

If the words “climate change” have popped up in conversation more frequently in recent weeks, it’s probably because of the unusually mild and pleasant weather we’ve enjoyed this fall in Chester. In witness to this turn of events, we’re pleased to offer two photos taken by another club member, Sandy Dumaresq, in late October. She was interested in the contrast of colours that showed up in neighbouring plants. In the first photo, a Korean maple (acer pseudosieboldianum) is, in her words, “in full flame” while the catalpa tree appears to sport spring greenery. On the right, autumn crocuses are a gardener’s treat after most perennials have packed it in for the season. We await more photos detailing garden scenes in November – the mildest most people here can remember in years!


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