Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Following a fiercely windy, snowy storm on January 20th, Chester residents woke the next day to a fabulous environment of pristine snow and bright blue skies. We are posting these shots to remind ourselves what beauty we can find in a winter scene and to show those snow-birds in the warmer climes what they are missing!

News for Members: The CGC board met this week to plan some of the Club’s activities for 2010, and confirmed that the first meeting of the year will take place on Monday, February 15. It will be held at St. Stephen’s Parish Community Centre in Chester. The subject will be Forcing Blooms. Details re the speaker will be circulated shortly. A provisional schedule of all the events for 2010 will soon be posted in the sidebar on the right-hand side of this blog. Click on “Program of Events”.

While surfing the net recently, two more blogs caught our attention. (not a misprint!) is a compendium of all sorts of topics that appeal to both gardeners and bloggers. It carries sections devoted to blogs in all parts of the world. The Canadian section states that 144 sites are now “planted ” and that the number continues to grow. You can click on any one of the sites for personal observations, stories and tips on things horticultural. Other menu features include News, Reviews, and Picks (registered members can vote on their favourite blogs and a list of 200 favourite blogs are identified). Another site we checked is which includes a wide range of information from planning to planting to caring for plants of all kinds.

As the end of January approaches, we may start noticing the days getting longer and we will want to begin the annual rite of bringing nature indoors once again. The February 15th meeting will focus on forcing blooms on spring-flowering shrubs. Don’t miss it.

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