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Bloom Day North in May

Bloom Day North in May

To continue our custom of acknowledging plants in bloom on the 15th of the month, we are pleased to include the following varieties on this day in Chester. The first two are small ground covers – a Euphorbia nestled among a few granite rocks and a scattering of violets that have invaded a pebbly path.

a sunny euphorbia nestled among rocksa carpet of violets

lilac buds about to open
Above, we have a cluster of buds of Syringa vul. President Grevy, appearing like miniature grapes, not quite actually in bloom but so full of promise in colour and fragrance that we had to include them.   Below, two clumps of daffodils are nodding in the breeze: (N. Merlin, if my records are correct) on the left,  and N. Cheerfulness on the right.
daffodils N. cheerfulness
PJM rhododendron
The PJM Victor Rhodo, with its delicate blossoms,  is one of the first to brighten the landscape, as is the rhododendron Aglo, seen below. 

yellow primula

Yellow and mauve Primulas, and a thick tapestry of ruby-coloured blooms flowing over a garden wall, add more delightful  spring colours to Chester gardens in mid-May. [thanks to Sandy for her photos]