Summer Blooms in March

Summer Blooms in March

At the risk of being repetitive, here’s another shot from the “garden with latitude”, otherwise known as the Naples Botanical Garden in Florida. Bougainvilleas abound in the Naples area, whether in public gardens or on private properties. Coupled with the high temperatures (unseasonally warm for a Nova Scotian sensibility), it’s hard to remember that we are actually still in the month of March. 

Nevertheless, the weather in Chester brings one back to reality and a glance at the calendar reminds us that the next meeting of Chester Garden Club will take place on March 21st. The guest speaker will be Jill Jeddrie – an excellent photographer who does commissions on a variety of subjects: gardens, nature, homes, and portraits. She will talk about Elemental photography – the art of photography using the elements of nature like ice, wind, water, fire – and for this event she will focus on plants and other aspects of our natural surroundings.
So, don’t be stand-offish, shyly holding yourself aloof, and hiding ‘way back in the shadows…It’s time to follow the crowd!

On March 21st, head on over to the St. Stephen’s Parish Community Centre and join the Chester gardening crowd for an engaging talk on improving your photography skills. The start time is 6:30 for 7:00 pm. See you there!

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