Seasonal Trimming of the Bandstand

Seasonal Trimming of the Bandstand

Warm weather following our little snow storm last week caused the white stuff to melt away but the Garden Club’s traditional greening of the village bandstand went ahead as scheduled.  In the background, a statue representing a soldier of the Nova Scotia Highlander Regiment is silhouetted against a chilly grey sky. This bandstand is situated beside the village cenotaph, on what is known as the Parade Square, long a setting for military ceremonies and village gatherings. 

The first boughs are placed on the railing

A large quantity of spruce boughs were used by the volunteers in decorating the railings. Once the boughs were secure, strings of lights were aded.  The gusts of wind played havoc with a wreath as Sandy tried to hang it in position.  Eventually, all the boughs were in place and the lights were found to be working so all the volunteers (excluding Bandit, the mascot)  traipsed off to a neighbouring house for hot mulled wine and a well-deserved lunch.

Spruce boughs are spread along the railing


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