Seasonal Garlands

Seasonal Garlands

December 1st dawned clear and cold, with a brisk wind, but Garden Club members were not deterred. The annual greening of the village bandstand is one of the traditional tasks undertaken by the club as part of its commitment to help beautify Chester, and a dozen cheery souls braved the weather to fulfill that promise.

CGC Bandstand December 2012 003
Heather starts the layering of spruce boughs

Evergreen boughs and strings of coloured lights were tied securely to the railings of the bandstand.

CGC Bandstand December 2012 006
Esther tackles a tangle of lights
Sheila has found the “Charlie Brown” of boughs
CGC Bandstand December 2012 014
There’s a clown in every group; here, Mavis and Sheila don a crown of lights to Betty’s amusement
CGC Bandstand December 2012 013
Cynthia, Jeannie and Pam vamp the “Three Little Maids from School” routine
CGC Bandstand December 2012 019
Marion and Herb share a moment of friendship to get warm
CGC Bandstand December 2012 011
Decorating goal achieved, the group gathers for a photo

Fingers are numb with cold but smiles are warm and the chatter goes on as Jocelyn tries to line everyone up for a group photo.

CGC Bandstand December 2012 012
Success, with almost everybody looking at the camera (hello, Jane and Anna)

Sylvia brings out her smart phone to take one last photo, showing the bandstand decked out in all its finery.


Then the  photographers call it quits and everyone heads for Heather’s to warm up with  mulled wine and hearty soup.


[Thanks to Jocelyn and Sylvia for the photographs.]

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