Seasonal Changes

Seasonal Changes

Autumn’s paintbrush came a little later than usual to the Chester area this year, and many residents commented on the scarcity of brilliant reds in our gardens and woodlands. The many shades of yellow from bright gold through to soft apricot were plentiful, however, and the subtle hues of burgundy and cranberry added colour to the landscape. The photo below shows the quiet tones of a Queen Maple behind the muted red of a smoke bush.

Driving along the county roads, one was struck by the soft palette of gold, peach and tangerine, nestled among the bright green of evergreens and the occasional striking crimson maple. The photo below was taken at the end of October just before rain and wind denuded the Japanese maple of its lovely plumage.

Members of the garden club are now ready to turn their thoughts toward the next seasonal theme: preparing their homes for Christmas. Guest speaker at the club’s next meeting will be Susan Mosher, of Oceanview Garden Centre and Landscaping, with a presentation on Seasonal Decorating and Winter Window Boxes. The meeting, scheduled for November 15 at the St. Stephen’s Parish Community Centre, will begin with Susan’s presentation at 7 o’clock, followed by a brief break for refreshments and then the Club’s Annual General Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend.

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