Ready for Another Walk – Nature’s Garden?

Ready for Another Walk – Nature’s Garden?

Some of us are armchair gardeners, some of us have our own gardens or planters, and some of us volunteer in Public or Community gardens.

Even without formal gardens there are plants and flowers all around us. We just need to be reminded of what I heard someone say a few years ago that I repeat on occasion. “Weeds are plants, virtues yet to be discovered.” We are blessed with many native plants and others that volunteer each spring to give us a spectacular show and many of these end up in bouquets and arrangements to be admired.

Let’s take a walk outside our gardens and admire what is showing off on the roadsides, trails and beaches near our members’ homes in Chester and surrounding communities.

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Part 3 : Public Gardens – coming soon

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  1. A beautiful walk in Nature on this cool grey day. Thank you. We are so blessed and only need to open our eyes to the beauty around us. Not much in the way of Mayflowers this year. Things are so so green! Jane W

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