NSAGC Garden Tours – part 2

NSAGC Garden Tours – part 2

Continuing our catalogue of photos taken on the garden tours, this post contains images contributed by those who visited the Gimby property in Fox Point. (To see previous postings related to the NSAGC Convention, please click on the side-bar link “View Entire Blogand select the relevant posts.)

A passion for stone has resulted in the creation of a property where the lush gardens are set off in bold contrast by stone walls, stone pillars, and stone art forms. The whimsical pieces of art, created from stone and sculpted in cement, are placed at random around the grounds. 

The photo below shows the view from the house, looking down toward the workshop and the sea beyond.

Bill was delighted to show visitors his workshop, where he follows his passion for stone in creating lamps, vases and other decorative items. His work can be found at many outlets throughout the province and also at craft fairs.

The last shot shows a seaside deck tucked into a sheltered nook built of stone, a pleasant spot to relax at the end of the day, with a driftwood “Christmas tree” standing guard.  

This is the fourth and last instalment of photos related to the very successful NSAGC Convention, held at Oak Island on June 3 – 5. To view any of the earlier blogs, click on the link “View Entire Blog” on the right side-bar. Don’t be alarmed at the thought of having to wade through the entire blog. You can choose any specific day from any of the past several years that the blog has been running.

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