New Year’s Seascapes

New Year’s Seascapes

Early January in Chester, the day after the year’s first blizzard, and a gardener’s desire to be out of doors takes your blogger to a nearby provincial park for a short hike. The park’s island and causeway create a sheltered bay on the lea side. The sea here is mostly free of ice but small pans (we can’t even call them bergey bits) are floating freely on the surface, pushed at times in different directions by conflicting forces of wind and tide. A hesitant sun is flirting with the clouds as we gaze out at the seaside landscape.

Then in the distance, threading its way carefully amid the ice-pans, we see a fishing boat approaching.

It nears the boat-launch ramp and gently nudges up against a trailer that has been parked in the water ready for the task of hauling the vessel ashore.

Friends are on hand to help the captain and in jig time the boat is firmly attached to the trailer, the tender lashed to the top of the truck, and the crew is on its way.

With a smile, your blogger turns again to admire the beauty of the snow-covered land and the ever-changing patterns of light on the cold grey sea around her. And then, she reminds herself that Spring is only three short months away.


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