More Flower Show Photos

More Flower Show Photos

As mentioned in the last blog, we are adding a few more photos taken at the Club’s Flower Show and Tea on July 29th. The shots below are a combination of photos by Brenda Hiltz and your blogger. Hiding behind the greenery that comprised part of The Veranda section (foliage only), Joan and Sheila were in a cheery mood despite the early hour. They were two of the volunteers on duty to receive and set out the various floral arrangements brought in by exhibitors between 8:00 and 10:00 AM on the morning of the show.

The composition below was from the section titled SunRoom which required inclusion of a water feature. In this case, a miniature waterfall with pebbles and floral surround created a soothing effect.

The children’s classes included categories using flowers or vegetables, with entrants ranging in age from under seven years to teenage. Lara Parsons’ two children were among the early entrants. Later, Lila Hume’s creation was designated winner of the Wilkin’s Cup (a new trophy, see below).

One of the most colourful sections in the design class was Party Time, which allowed exhibitors full scope to create bright and clever compositions as seen in the next three photos.

Nancy Guest received a painting as the award for the best use of roses in an arrangement. Sheila Knowlton-MacRury made the presentation.

As a former member of the Club, Peggy McAlpine returned to Chester to present the McAlpine Trophy for the best entry in the children’s class. This year’s winner was Louise Stimson. In her absence, her grandmother, Sylvia MacNeill, accepted the cup.

Despite the pressures of a busy day, Jane Wilkins is all smiles as she presides at the tea table. Shortly afterwards, during the presentation of trophies, Larry Wilkins inaugurated the first presentation of the Wilkins’ Cup, which has been donated by the family to encourage young people to take an interest in growing and arranging flowers.

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