Kids Take to Floral Crafts

Kids Take to Floral Crafts

Budding florists (please pardon a little gardening humour) had a fun morning this week when they took part in a children’s workshop where they learned how to create floral arrangements. The workshop was designed to stimulate participation by youth in the Chester Garden Club’s annual Flower Show, scheduled for July 25th this year. A team of volunteers helped the children learn the basics of creating floral arrangements and even making a few floral hats, all under the appropriate slogan “Express Yourself”. The following photo gallery shows some of the concentration required to create the arrangements and the pleasure the children experienced during the workshop. To enlarge an image, simply  place your cursor on it and click.

A small sample of the completed arrangements is also included, to whet the appetite of those who would like to enter the competition in the children’s classes.  For details concerning any of the classes – design and horticultural – please click on the “Flower Show and Tea” heading in the menu at the top of this blog and then open the Schedule. We hope to see  lots of you at the Show on the 25th.

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