On May 16th Chester Garden Club members and guests learned that Ikebana is the art of space as Miyako Ballesteros quietly demonstrated the centuries old art of Japanese Flower arranging.


2016-05-16 19.27.18We learned that Miyako was born in Nagano, raised in Saitama, lived in Hong Kong and Tokyo before moving to Halifax in 2007. Miyako is a qualified instructor in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana and has a Teacher’s Diploma 2nd grade JōninSanyo and is an active teaching member of the Sogetsu Teachers Association and a member-at-large of the Ikebana International.

Miyako told us one of the happier moments in her life is in that peaceful state of mind when she forms a bond with flowers, branches and leaves.

May 16th IMGP1787Ikebana art is based on the three main elements: first energy to Heaven , second human and then earth. The arrangement has one main focal point. We learned that spaces between flowers & branches form an essential part of the whole creation. Empty space is created not filled.

To begin creating her arrangement, Miyako chose three main branches, measuring and turning to chose the position , cutting under water and then placing her secateurs on a small towel to maintain the quiet . As Miyako worked gracefully in silence with skill and concentration the room had a gradual increased feeling of calm. As she placed the stems into the kenzan, the viewers watched closely in silence.

May 16th IMGP1818Later, when the arrangements were viewed, descriptions and comments included: beautiful, very peaceful, meditative, graceful, elegant and serene.

She and her husband, Ferdinand have a shop at 6417 Quinpool Road in Halifax where they are dedicated to the promotion of Ikebana in their adopted home.  They give lessons, demonstrations & workshops; have arrangement services; and operate a retail store.


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