Flower Show Workshop

Flower Show Workshop

With only 10 days to go before the big event, members of Chester Garden Club gathered in a member’s garden for a hands-on workshop on the finer points of preparing materials for exhibition at the club’s Annual Flower Show and Tea.


As is usual for most club events, the evening began with  refreshments, but it wasn’t long before the group, led by instructor, Myra, began to move to the actual flower beds.

Despite a lack of rain in recent weeks, a bed of delphiniums was part of the colourful display.

It seems that gardeners are never at a loss for words.
Cynthia, as chair of the Show and Tea, no doubt needed to sample one more tasty square in the line of duty.

Baby marigolds are tucked under a clump of very tall lilies, while garlands of roses climb all over the railing of the deck. 

For those interested in more information about the Flower Show itself, an updated schedule is posted on the page devoted to the Show and Tea (see menu above). A late addition to the awards available this year is the McNeill Trophy for Novice Best in Show.


The origins of this cup are a bit of a mystery but it was rescued at an antique auction, repaired and polished up, and then donated by club member, Sylvia McNeill, who has been an enthusiastic volunteer and supporter of the club for many years, as well as an encouraging mentor to other less-experienced gardeners.

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