Flower Arranging 101

Flower Arranging 101

Chester Garden Club members will soon be busy creating a variety of beautiful arrangements under the watchful eye of our own Joanne Jellett, when they meet on June 22nd (note the change of date – that is, the meeting will be held on the 4th Monday in June).

The June meeting will be structured as a workshop designed to help members prepare for the Club’s annual Flower Show and Tea, to be held on July 9th this year, at the Chester Legion. Similar workshops have been held in prior years and it expected that there will be a lot of enthusiasm again this year. It goes without mention that the workshop will be focused on floral design, not on brewing tea, although volunteers to prepare and serve tea are always needed too!

For the meeting on June 22nd, members are invited to bring along flowers, foliage and even a container so that they can be active participants in the hands-on workshop, the focus of which will be learning the tips and tricks of creating arrangements that will satisfy the eyes of even the most discerning of judges. Joanne will demonstrate specific techniques that will enhance the displays, and she will supply any necessary floral wire and ribbon to help anchor your masterpiece. If desired, members can also bring a finished arrangement that they have created at home and it will be subject to a gentle, collegial judgement from Joanne. It’s all part of the learning process for those gardeners with a yen for competition.

Joanne is an award-winning competitor whose creations have been entered in a number of garden club shows, and she also has completed the qualifications required by the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs to be designated an official judge by the NSAGC. She hopes that the workshop will prove an inspiration to many members of the Chester club and that they will then enjoy creating their own exhibits for display on July 9th.


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