February 23: Snowy Gardens

February 23: Snowy Gardens

For those Garden Club members who have fled to warmer climes, we are including a couple of photos that will make them nostalgic for the crisp clear air of Chester in winter. In response to a request for photos, Kerry Keddy has sent in a few images of rhododendrons frosted with snow, their leaves recoiling from the very cold temperatures that we experienced this winter.

Although the pristine snow-covered fields and gardens in Chester are a good deal more attractive than the dirty mounds of snow and ice that line the city streets, our village streets and county side-roads have been ice-covered for much of this season, which makes for tricky walking and driving. Nevertheless, the hardier souls have treked to ski hills and skating rinks.

The good news is that we’ve survived the worst, and March is less than a week away! Still, while there’s no chance of doing any outside gardening for a couple of months at least, why not pick up your camera, check out the beauty in our winter wonderland, and record some of the interesting landscapes around you? Then, contact us to ask about publishing your photos on the Chester Garden Club blog.

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