Cove Garden Restoration Update

Cove Garden Restoration Update

Those who follow this blog will know that earlier photos showed the Cove Garden as it underwent “surgery” in early October. The digging was part of the work required to repair a subsidence problem in an area of the garden that was used by the public as a shortcut across the grass. Once the old underground drain was removed, and a new drainage system installed, the land needed to be re-landscaped.

Work on restoring a level surface continued for several days, despite rainy weather. The original lawn became a sea of mud.

The new water-collecting crock has now been covered with earth and a gravel path has been laid along the diagonal from the northeast corner to the southwest side of the plot.

The path has been designed to bring focus to the stone that bears the plaque that identifies the garden as belonging to the Chester Garden Club. The inscription includes a note that this garden space is “Dedicated to gardeners everywhere.”

The photo above, taken on a sunny day during the Thanksgiving weekend, shows how the rough earth had been smoothed over. The plot is now ready for the next step – growing a new lawn – and Club volunteers will be out in force next spring to add the final decorative touches.


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