Cove Garden Plaque

Cove Garden Plaque

A photo submitted recently by a member of the Garden Club shows Syd Dumaresq using a special drill to fasten the Club’s bronze memorial plaque to its perch on the large boulder located near the western edge of the garden. His dog “Bandit” appears to be camera shy. This picture was taken just before the Municipality began digging up the area in order to repair the drainage system (mentioned in an earlier blog).

The photo below is a close-up of the newly installed plaque. The boulder, which used to be set in a grassy area and was surrounded by daylilies, now dissects a newly constructed path that crosses the “lawn”.

Today, most of what had been the lawn looks to be only freshly turned earth but workers are preparing the ground for the laying of sod that will restore the area to some semblance of normalcy before the cold weather sets in.

In response to queries about the large new pipe that provides an outlet for the water run-off that has caused subsidence problems in the past, we are posting the shot above. Taken at about half-tide, the photo shows the pipe (lower right-hand side of the image) tucked under the stone sea-wall that forms the southern boundary of the garden. The plants in the bed lining the edge are rugosa roses and cotoneasters.

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