Cove Garden Begins to Bloom

Cove Garden Begins to Bloom

The Cove Garden, owned and maintained by the Chester Garden club, is in good trim this spring despite the ravages of last fall. The grass has been restored to health and a gravel pathway has been laid for a more secure footing. The crab-apple tree, which has undergone a judicious pruning, is in full bloom and the rosa rugosas will soon be opening their blossoms.

Many properties around Chester are graced with at least one apple or crab-apple tree, and this year seems to be a particularly good one for blossoms.

The abundant delicate pink and white flowers promise a plentiful harvest to come but, after a long winter, we prefer to focus on the present, enjoying the delightful spring weather.
Gardeners in the area are taking advantage of the early warm season to get a head-start on their planting and many will be stopping by the club’s annual Gardener’s Sale at the old train station on Saturday, May 29th, between 9:00 AM and 12 noon, to choose from a variety of perennials and other garden staples. Proceeds from the sale go toward the upkeep of the Cove Garden and other club projects.

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