Colour Differences – flash vs. natural light

Colour Differences – flash vs. natural light

Last evening, when I posted several photos of a simple bouquet made up of flowers rescued from a garden before the hurricane swept over Chester, I noticed that the colours of the blooms were not as true as in real life or even as seen on my camera’s screen. Those photos had been taken indoors with the use of a flash. This morning, as an experiment, I photographed each of the same

subjects in natural daylight and I believe the result is a sharper and slightly more vibrant image. Perhaps the contrast between the images of the two posts will prompt someone to send an e-mail to the Chester Garden Club with an explanation, as well as suggestions for improved photography in future.

This colours in this shot appear to be closer to the actual colour of the actual glads than that of yesterday’s flash photography.

If anyone has photos related to the hurricane (that is, during the storm or perhaps in its wake), we would be pleased to receive them.

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