Chester Bandstand Garlanded

Chester Bandstand Garlanded

A sunny day is always welcome when it comes time to decorate the bandstand at Chester’s Parade Square, where the wind comes straight off the water. The bandstand is a familiar landmark situated close by the Cenotaph and the Garden Club has a long tradition of hanging greenery and strings of lights along its railings to mark the festive season. This year’s hanging party was held on November 28.

Every year we face the same snarl of lights at the bandstand as often happens at home when getting out the Christmas decorations. Sheila struggles against the gusty wind to sort out one of the strings.

The first boughs are laid on the railing and the bandstand begins to take on the new look. The Club’s sandwich board is displayed out front to identify the volunteer aspect of the project.

Fastening the boughs and lights to the railing with lengths of cord is cold work at the end of November, but jokes and chatter keep spirits high.

Illustrating the old adage – “Many hands make light work” – there is no shortage of volunteers to prop up Robert as he tries to hang a wreath on high.

Coming to terms with the strong winds means recognizing the need to re-position the center wreath. Sandy and Sheila first wrap their heads around the problem, and then their hands around the post.

Partway through the work, the strong winds blow rain clouds over Chester and the brief shower produces a rainbow in the sky to the northwest.

Rain or sun, it was smiles all around for the photographers who brought along their cameras to record the event.

Even Bandit, unofficial club mascot, stayed to see that the goal was achieved.

And, as usual, once the job was done, members were soon warming their hands (and tummies) with lashings of mulled wine and hearty soup, while milling around a table set with tempting cheeses, savories and sweets. Another successful hanging of the lights could be added to the record book.


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