Cactus in bloom

Cactus in bloom

Several members of Chester Garden Club were treated recently to a surprise appearance of colourful flowers on a night-blooming cactus belonging to fellow member Jane. This is the first year she has seen five flower stalks on this plant, four of which were in bloom at the time the photo was taken.  She was especially intrigued by the intricate design of the interior section with its many stamens and the delicate spokes on its style.


DSCF7518Like many of Chester’s regular denizens, this cactus might be termed a “summer resident”;  it is stationed outdoors in a sunny garden spot during July and August and is promptly carried back to a warmer clime (indoors) once the autumn temperatures arrive.  Given that today is the start of Labour Day weekend, this cactus has provided a splendid show outdoors right on schedule.

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