Bloom Day North in August

Bloom Day North in August

Lots of sunshine and little rain this summer have been a great combo for sailors and tennis players; not so much for gardeners. Many plants bloomed earlier than usual and there are fewer blooms to choose from on this Bloom Day. Fortunately there are still the old reliables like Explorer roses and various hostas that stand up to any weather. Rudbekias and a few day lilies are also holding their own. One late-comer in your blogger’s garden is a Ligularia; the flower heads would not win any beauty contest but the large heart-shaped leaves make a bold statement in the garden.

The two photos that follow came from Sandy Dumaresq, who has contributed a number of images to previous Bloom Day North collections. The lovely Annabelle hydrangea has produced copious blooms that lighten up the edge of the wood.

The arching branches of a crab apple weighted down with its fruit is a perfect frame for the serene setting in this corner of Sandy’s garden.

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