Bloom Day North in April

Bloom Day North in April

Dwarf iris The return of warmer weather this month has brought out not only gardeners but also photographers who, as usual, were keen to capture the beauty of new growth in local gardens.  Some members of our club are avid practitioners of each hobby.  A few, including Sandy, even remember to mark Bloom Day North (the 15th of each month) and she has again obliged by sending in several photos of spring blooms she observed in her neighbourhood, such as the brilliant dwarf Iris on the right. 

The photo of the Forsythia shrubs, forming an arbour over a woodland path, is another of her tributes in the Bloom Day tradtition. 

Forsythia forming an arbour

Her next photo is of an early Rhododendron, which, although lovely, cannot be identified because the owner of the property was not available for consultation. 

Rhododendron unknown variety

And to complete the selection for this Bloom Day, we have a large Forsythia that has grown to enormous proportions, crowding out an ornamental cedar, and kept in check only by the even greater mass of two Siberian spruces behind it. 


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