Bloom Day North – December

Bloom Day North – December

Most of the blooms and greenery seen in the Chester area at this time of year are boughs of evergreens or holly, but there is one shrub that is perverse enough to put forth its floral contribution only in the late fall. The pale yellow spidery petals of these flowers add an ethereal  effect to our gardens in December.

Hamamelis virginiana

I must offer a a small confession:  although these same blossoms are still present on these branches today – Bloom Day, the 15th of the month – the photos were actually taken a few days ago. Whether known by its Latin name (Hamamelis) or its more common moniker (witch hazel),  the shrub adds a feathery touch to the bare bones of a December garden.

Witch hazel weaves a tangled web

In response to popular demand (well,  a few puzzled queries), I’m adding a few more photos of the gingerbread folk which have been showing up in many locations around the village in recent weeks.

Waiting for the parade


Gingerbread cookies' home base


Snuggled under a hand-made quilt

In the next post, we hope to have some photos of the many gingerbread houses that have been on display in various locations during the last week. The prize winners will be announced on Saturday afternoon, December 17, during the pre-Christmas family party at St. Stephen’s Parish Community Centre.

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