Bloom Day North and Raffle Update

Bloom Day North and Raffle Update

Continuing our tradition of posting photos of plants in bloom on the 15th of each month, we are pleased that a combination of steady rain and the occasional day of sunshine has resulted in the lush green fields and gardens seen in the Chester area this week.  The following shots provide a sample of the many blooms on show today. Once you have scrolled down to the foot of the blog, you will find an important update on the information we provided earlier concerning several raffles being held in support of the NSAGC Convention 2011.

Daffodils, in various shades of yellow, cream and white, are one of the few spring bulbs that foil the marauding deer. High above these nodding stalks we have the graceful sweep of blooms on a star magnolia.

An early azalea (PJM Victor) suddenly began to open its blossoms with the warmth of a sunny day (confession: the photo was taken on the 14th, but the shrub is in flower today in the rain).

A more modest participant in this rush to produce colourful spring blooms is a tiny clump of primroses  hugging the ground and just beginning to produce its blooms.

Another spring flower that can hardly be termed  “shy”, is this violet that has proliferated throughout the gardens, dotted the lawns and created splashes of colour in stony paths. 
Of course, there are flowers developing on trees in the garden too. These delicate florets in the shot below are the forerunners of those many winged seeds that will come drifting down from this Queen maple and eventually produce sturdy saplings of their own (unless ruthlessly pulled out!).
And now for the update on the raffles. In our blog of April 27, we highlighted a number of items that are being raffled to help offset costs of running the NSAGC Convention in June. Because some gardeners who are unable to attend the convention felt they were missing out on the chance to buy raffle tickets, the committee has stated that anyone interested in the red wheelbarrow or the 4-item draw should send an e-mail to for information on purchasing tickets. 
Tickets for the yellow wheelbarrow, the willow chair and the 4-item draw, will be available on June 3rd and 4th at the Convention. The draw for all raffle items will take place on June 4th, Saturday afternoon. To review the items being raffled, please click on View Entire Blog and look for the April 27th entry.

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