Bloom Day continued

Bloom Day continued

Following the recent post for September’s Bloom Day North, we received a number of great photos from Sandy D (a regular contributor). These images were all dated on the 15th but a busy schedule prevented us from posting them until the 18th.

The lovely white “dinner plate” dahlia is an outstanding performer when viewed against the dark foliage in the background.

A blue hydrangea makes a bold statement on the edge of a woodland setting. The blooms in this garden, which boasts a resident dog, are protected from the ravages of Chester’s deer. Sadly, your blogger’s hydrangeas have once again been severely pruned by visiting ruminants.

Like tiny tears, the raindrops on this Rose of Sharon add to the beauty of its delicate bloom.

And, above, an elegant portrait of a Brugmansia (also known as Datura) which, according to The Gardener’s Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers published by Reader’s Digest, belongs to the genus of evergreens grown for flowers that are borne mainly in late summer or autumn. This plant was not familiar to your blogger under either name, so the preceding info comes straight from the book.

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