Annual Flower Show and Tea: preparations

Annual Flower Show and Tea: preparations

Now that the gardening season is well underway, Chesterites and their neighbours are looking forward to the Garden Club’s annual Flower Show and Tea, to be held on July 9th. Like the winding path in the illustration, this blog contains an invitation to members and non-members alike to enter into a garden-related activity. By clicking on the link for the 2009 Flower Show Schedule on the side-bar to the right, you can check out the details relevant to entering your floral designs, and/or plant specimens, in the competition that forms the basis of Chester Garden Club’s Annual Flower Show.

To ensure that members will be inspired to enter their floral masterpieces in the show, the club is holding a workshop on floral design and presentation at its monthly meeting on June 22nd. Planning for the tea is also underway but, to date, no actual workshop has been organized! Volunteers have, however, been recruited to prepare and serve food for the tea, which has long been a much-appreciated tradition at the flower show.

Most sections of the floral competition are open both to members and non-members. There are even classes for children. Details re the specifications for each class, along with other useful information are included in the Flower Show Schedule (just click on the side-bar as indicated above).

The month of June has brought forth vivid splashes of colour to Chester gardens as the rhododendrons and azaleas burst into bloom. Paired with native beauties such as pink and purple lupins, they seem to be nature’s reward for our having endured a cold damp spring.


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