An Introduction and Request

An Introduction and Request

2009 May 27th 09 003

I am Brenda H.,  introducing myself as the new keeper of the Chester Garden Club Blog. With members help I will post your articles, pictures, news and events of interest. Tuck your camera in your pocket and take a few pictures when you are at our Garden Club events, taking a walk through your own gardens or out for a stroll or a hike.  Send me your pictures and tell me a little or a lot about what you send and I will share via the blog.

Please send your documents in word and jpeg pictures.

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  1. Hi Brenda,

    Meant to mention to you at Garden Club that my daphnia (?) survived the winter and is blooming. It will take awhile to make a show but delighted to have it. Thanks to you. Sorry but cannot take and send pictures. Love your picture! Cheers, Jane W.

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