AGM: Reports and More

AGM: Reports and More

Chester Garden Club’s annual general meeting went off without a hitch last night, with chairs of committees presenting encouraging reports about their various activities. Among the highlights mentioned were the restoration of the Cove Garden grounds and the replacement of damaged trees and shrubs. Other successful activities included the spring Gardener’s Sale, the annual Flower Show and Tea, and tours to a vineyard and a community museum in a neighbouring county.

Following the acclamation of nominees for the new Board, the incoming president, Heather MacKinnon, presented the out-going president, Sheila Knowlton-MacRury, with a lovely orchid as a token of thanks from the membership for her leadership of the club. Heather noted that next year will be a particularly busy one for the club as it will be a co-host for the NSAGC’s annual convention on June 3rd – 5th, 2011. A planning committee, comprised of members from both the Chester Club and the Basin Gardeners Club, has been hard at work in preparation for the event but it will need the help of all members as the date for the convention draws near.

The evening’s guest speaker was Crystal Godfrey, an employee of Oceanview Garden Centre and Landscaping, who brought along a large selection of greenery and decorative items to use in creating lovely outdoor arrangements for the festive season. Her first container was a large plastic urn, filled with damp potting soil, and she identified some of the varied types of greenery that she would incorporate in the design.

Many of the more ornamental boughs were imported from British Columbia, but she added that she starts each container by sticking local branches (obtained at no cost from one’s own property) in the center of the urn or box just to provide filler. The more decorative pieces can then be placed around the perimeter for better display.

She noted that she likes to aim for a height ratio of 2/3rd for the greenery and 1/3rd for the container, and she uses curly willow, holly with berries, as well as other real or artificial ornamentation to add interest to the arrangement.

Following Crystal’s creation of a lush arrangement in an urn and more modest one in a window box she held up an example of a pre-formed swag that is available at the garden centre for those without the time to create their own seasonal decoration. At least a few members of the garden club were heard to declare their intention to create their own masterpiece.

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