A Mid-November Garden

A Mid-November Garden

Having missed the Bloom Day North date of November 15 on the blog, we are posting a few shots taken on the 17th, to illustrate the lengths to which we go, to find colour at this time of year. The burning bush below stands in striking contrast to the faded foliage of many of its neighbouring shrubs.

The thousands of small red berries on this ornamental crab apple tree will last only until the usual migrating flock of cedar waxwings arrive later in the year. They will spend a few days in late winter feasting on this succulent treasure.

Lacking colour now but bearing the promise of luscious blooms next spring, if the buds are not devoured by the deer, we see a healthy crop of flower buds perched jauntily on these Rhododendron branches.

Members of the Chester Garden Club are reminded of the club’s Annual General Meeting on November 21st. In addition to a brief business meeting to deal with the annual reports, members will be entertained and enlightened by guest speaker Syd Dumaresq as he provides stories about some of the oldest houses in English Canada. Refreshments will be served.

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